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A Little Bit More About Donkey Smuggling


The book that ends up in the reader’s hands is but the child and survivor of a long, unpredictable and much-misunderstood process. It’s usually the author who misunderstands it most.

The process is different for every book. To speak of writing a book as analogous to a marriage (perhaps I should say relationship, nowadays) is not too far off the mark. It starts well and with the best intentions. It gradually becomes difficult to sustain, and will almost certainly become very lonely. You cannot help but wonder if it’s worth it. It devours your time and money. As the world seems engaged in frivolity, your life is passing by in thankless endeavour. Etc, etc.

Well. You do have to work at it. It can and often does end very badly for some. But if you survive it, by chance, effort, grace or a combination of all these, you may discover your life has been inexplicably enriched in ways you could not have foreseen. Phoenix-like, you emerge from the fire in brilliant new plumage...kind of.

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