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Praise for The Network

“The Network is a smart thriller for our time...”

The New York Times Book Review (click for full review)

“Based on real characters and drawing on the author's extensive firsthand knowledge of Afghanistan, this is a thriller of rare authenticity, providing sustained insight into influences surrounding 9/11 and raising questions about the role of intelligence agencies in historical events deliberately hidden from the public eye”

From the Publisher

“Strikingly authentic”

Stella Rimington, former Director-General, MI5

“This stuff is really authentic. You can practically smell the sweat and fear”

Frederick Forsyth

“Elliot’s descriptions of Afghanistan and its extraordinary people are so vivid, evocative, and hauntingly real that I found myself reaching for my old camel-hair pakol and 9mm Makarov. His portrayal of the intelligence community’s tactics, techniques, and procedures are so spot-on accurate that one wonders whether travel writer was merely his cover.”

Col. Matthew Bogdanos, United States Marine Corps

“Vividly descriptive, wittily discursive, archly plotted and unusually paced, this radiates charm...”

The Telegraph

“As sharp as Frederick Forsyth, as exotic as Wilbur Smith”

Jason Goodwin

“A terrific thriller!”

The Guardian

“A spy thriller based on real events and real characters, featuring apparently authentic tradecraft, betrayals requisite in this genre, cliff-hanging suspense, and splendid depiction of locations. [Elliot’s] style is lyrical, and he maintains a narrative discipline (first person, present tense) that few contemporary writers can do well. The complex plot with a world-saving objective, complete with a side-trip romance and lots of derring-do, will appeal to fans of literate spy fiction. Highly recommended.

Library Journal (USA)

“This debut thriller is loaded with spycraft and based on real characters and events pre-9/11. The novel gets its vivid sense of place from Elliot's extensive covert travels throughout Afghanistan...”

National Geographic Magazine

“A travel writer with firsthand knowledge of the area, Elliot effectively combines action and landscape...for those wanting a realistic look behind the news, Elliot delivers the goods.”

Booklist (USA)

Na kilka miesięcy przed zamachem 11 września służby wywiadowcze całego świata zostają postawione w stan pogotowia.

Anthony Taverner, były oficer armii, obecnie na usługach brytyjskiego wywiadu, otrzymuje na pozór proste zadanie - zniszczyć skład pocisków stinger na terenie opanowanego przez talibów Afganistanu.

Ale w świecie szpiegów pozory często mylą. Gdy rozpoczyna się wyścig z czasem, Taverner deklaruje lojalność wobec organizacji, o której istnieniu nie mogą dowiedzieć się nawet jego najbliżsi sojusznicy...

From the Polish edition :)